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We appreciate the trust that our clients place in our company, our process and our craftspeople. We are open for visitors seven days a week and you can visit our glassworks to see the creation of your own jewellery.

Barleylands Craft Village

The creation of your jewellery is carried out in our studios and workshops at Barleylands Craft Village, our home of more than 20 years. Founders James Watts and Bill Rhodes have been handmaking glass here since 1996.


Most people complete their orders with us by post but you are welcome to visit our showroom seven days a week. Our jewellery items are on display and you can see the items or ask any questions in person.

Hotshop Visit

We are unique in that we welcome our clients to visit our glass hotshop to see the creation of their own items of jewellery. We believe that this offer adds an important element to your important jewellery.

Making The Gemstone

We’ll show you our process of incorporating the ashes with the coloured crystals and molten glass to make the gemstone. This cools down slowly in our kiln and we will complete the remaining stages after your visit.

Family & Friends

You are very welcome to bring family or friends to see the process, there is enough room in our workshop. Please allow half an hour in the glassworks for every item ordered.

Make a Booking

If you would like to visit to see the creation of your jewellery, please contact us to make a booking.

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