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Product Care

Ashes into Glass ® jewelry is the finest quality available and will last a lifetime with the correct care. Our gemstones are made as toughened glass and require minimal care to stay looking their best. We do not use resins or plastics which are soft and easily damaged. However, the metal part of your jewellery does require care as follows;



Our jewelry mounts are solid, one-piece casts and have no joints or weak points. To avoid unnecessary scratches, please store away from other items of jewelry and remove your jewelry while performing manual tasks such as gardening, washing up or exercising.


Discoloration & Tarnishing

To avoid discoloration and tarnishing of the metal, remove your jewelry when swimming in chlorinated pools. keep away from harsh chemicals, such as cleaning and beauty products. Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewelry. Avoid wearing your jewelry when using bleach, cleaning products and other chemicals as these can attack the metal.


White Gold

White gold is plated with a white rhodium finish which is applied to the metal to enhance its white finish. Over time white gold will wear to a pale gold.


Sterling Silver

Silver jewelry will naturally tarnish or oxidize over time. Wearing your jewelry regularly will often prevent this. Tarnish can be cleaned from your jewelry using the polishing cloth supplied, which may also help prevent further tarnishing. Silver tarnishes more rapidly when exposed to certain chemicals and substances in our everyday lives. We recommend caring for and wearing your jewelry as explained in the overview.



The nature of chains makes them particularly susceptible to damage due to catching on things. Please remove your pendant while engaging in sporting activity, manual work and while you sleep. Chains are not covered in our guarantee.



Your Memorial Paperweight will stay perfect forever. It may need dusting from time to time. If you have to wash it use warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not place paperweights in direct sunlight as they can magnify the sunlight and burn surfaces.

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