Ashes into Glass ® Pendants

We have designed three stunning ashes necklaces and pendants so you can feel your loved one close to your heart. They share qualities that make Ashes into Glass ® jewellery exceptional.


Ashes into Glass ® is the only genuine creator of Ashes into Glass ® jewellery. Our reputation has been built since 2006 and we are trusted by more than a million Facebook users and many thousands of funeral directors who offer our service. Only genuine Ashes into Glass ® jewellery carries our maker’s mark “ASHES”.

Round Pendant



Ashes into Glass ® is a family of designers, makers and craftspeople. It is an honor for our family to create a lasting reminder of a dearly loved member of your family.

Heart Pendant



Ashes into Glass ® jewellery is designed and made to be worn and to last. Each gemstone is toughened and its beauty will endure to tell the story of the loved one that it represents.

Complete with chain

Your necklace comes complete with an 18 inch hallmarked chain and will be delivered ready to wear.

Long Pendant


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