Ashes into Glass ® Rings

We have created three unique ashes ring designs. Each one has its own distinct style but they all share the important characteristics of Ashes into Glass ® Jewellery;  Beauty, Peace of mind & Longevity.


Your ashes ring will be a thing of beauty made using skills and techniques that we have spent more than a decade perfecting.

Tribute Rings


Heart Rings


Peace of mind

We have perfected our techniques and processes since 2006. For further peace of mind, as an Ashes into Glass ® client, you have the option to visit our glassworks to see your own item being created.


Ashes into Glass ® Rings are made to be worn and to last. The mounts have a classic, timeless style to protect the most precious of gemstones. The stone is toughened and even more durable than the metal. Your jewelry will reflect the timeless and enduring bond that you share with your loved one.

Signet Rings


Made to fit

Our rings are made to fit. Don’t worry if you don’t know your size, we will send you a ring sizing gauge to measure your finger.

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