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Sending your order

We receive most orders by post. To do this, please request an order pack on this website and follow the instructions within. Ship your order and the ashes to our Sydney collections office and we’ll take it from there to be made at our workshop in England.


Visiting us via live stream to see your jewellery being made.

If you would like to see your items being made, please put a note on your order form and we will contact you when we receive your order to arrange a suitable time. We’ll show you our process of incorporating the ashes with the coloured crystals and molten glass to make the gemstone. This cools down slowly in our kiln and we will complete the remaining stages after your visit.


The Ashes

When you send us your loved one’s ashes, you are trusting us to look after them and carry out the relevant processes to produce your jewellery. Our commitments are as follows;

The ashes are kept in our locked premises at all times.

All processes are carried out at Barleylands Glassworks. The ashes are never transferred to any other workshop or organisation.

They are kept in a sealed bag in a container.

They are marked clearly with the order details including the order number, name of deceased and customer’s name.

When the items are produced, they are made separately and individually by James Watts, Bill Rhodes and their team.



Engravings should be 25 characters to include spaces and symbols, the layout will be at the discretion of our experienced engraver considering layout and spacing. We are unable to engraving earrings as they are too small.



We take payment for your order only when the jewellery has been created and is ready for delivery. We will email a payment link to you and post your order when we have received cleared payment.


Refund Policy

We will refund the full amount of your order if you are unhappy with any aspect of your order or jewellery. The ashes from your jewellery will be taken out and reinstated with the rest of the ashes.


Environmental & Ethical Policy

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees and customers. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity and reaching company goals solely through honourable conduct. We expect all employees to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct and respect the environment in their duties.


Feedback and Complaints

We always welcome feedback from our customers as it enables us to improve our service. In the unlikely event we should receive a complaint about any part of our service, by phone, email or letter, then it will be dealt with promptly.



Ashes into Glass ® guarantees all items against manufacturing fault for life.

We will repair or remake your item free of charge if it is a manufacturing or material defect. The guarantee does not cover loss of an item, damage caused by accidents, inappropriate use or wear and tear. Please see our Jewellery Care Guide for more information on how to keep your jewellery in the best condition. Chains are not covered under this guarantee.

Repairs to items other than by Ashes into Glass will void the guarantee whether or not damage has been caused by such repair or attempted repair.


Registered Address: Ashes into Glass, Barleylands Glassworks, Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2UD, United Kingdom.

“Ashes into Glass” is a registered trade mark of Barleylands Glassworks Ltd. Company registration number 03389725

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