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About Us

The name Ashes into Glass ® is synonymous with quality. Our good reputation has been built since 2006 and positive comments about us are easy to find on social media. More than a million Facebook users now like our service. We are also trusted by many hundreds of funeral homes who offer our service to their families.

Jewelry Creation

Our jewelry is beautiful but is also made to be worn and to last. The mounts have a classic, timeless style to showcase the precious gemstone, which is toughened and is even more durable than the metal. Ashes into Glass ® jewelry reflects the timeless and enduring bond that you share with your loved one.

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We believe that peace of mind and confidence in our creation process should be associated with such special jewelry. We have perfected our methods over more than a decade and for further reassurance, you have the option to visit our glassworks when your jewelry is being created.

Personal Engraving

Our jewelry collection is designed to hold an engraved personal message or phrase. We can help you choose fitting words that hold special meaning to you.


Our pets are beloved family members. The Ashes into Glass ® service is for loved ones and pets alike.

Our Story

A rich heritage in craftsmanship, strong personal bonds and a reputation for producing the very finest products and quality service have all helped Ashes into Glass ® grow into the established company it is today.

Craft & Community

A short film about our company.