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Ashes into Glass ® Creation

The process of creating your Ashes into Glass ® Jewelry is carried out in our workshops at Barleylands Craft Village. We have perfected our processes over more than ten years and are proud of the care we take with each item.

The Ashes

We require one spoonful of the ashes to create your jewelry. In a similar way to glitter, we require more than goes into your gemstone and we will return the remaining ashes to you. Please do not worry, our crafts people are experienced at working with all types of ashes. 

Our Craftspeople

We have built our team of craftspeople from craft colleges and our local community. Our in house training program has developed them into a family of talented makers. We combine traditional tools with the best new technologies, which means that Ashes into Glass ® jewelry is beyond compare. 

Unique Gemstone

Cremation ashes, our own colored glass crystals and clear molten glass are expertly layered together, your loved one’s ashes become part of a truly unique gemstone. The multiple layers give the stone its look of dimension and depth.

Made to last

Our gemstones are made with glass and go through a toughening process, we never use resins or plastics. Genuine Ashes into Glass ® jewelry will last for generations, reflecting the enduring bond you share with your loved one.

Stars & Clouds

Each item of jewelry tells a story that is deeply personal to you and will shine with its own character. Yours may remind you of a starry night sky, a wispy cloud up above or maybe the ashes floating on a gentle breeze.

The Genuine Article

Each item of jewelry that we produce bears our maker’s mark “ASHES”. This important mark gives you the assurance and peace of mind associated with a genuine Ashes into Glass ® piece.