I wish I could put into words just how special this company is because even this review does not give them the credit or recognition for what they do. They connect us to our loved ones who have passed and they do it in the most special way. They pay attention to detail from the gift packaging it arrives in to the little engraving that can be added. I ordered my necklace a little bit last minute due to ill health and a sudden panic that I needed my Nanny with me on a trip of a lifetime to a place she always wanted to go. I put the order in with a letter explaining the dates I needed the necklace by and emailed when I knew they had received my order form.

They communicated well with me and understood the importance of me needing to have the necklace with me when I went away. Although it was my fault that I ordered it so close to the trip they still fulfilled my wishes and got the necklace back to me with time to spare. It was an amazing moment to open the delivery box and see the necklace beautifully presented and when I finally opened the jewellery box it came in, I cried. It was such a precious item and I finally felt like I was not alone.

I went on my trip and in a way my Nanny came with me and it was amazing to have this jewellery with me, it gives me comfort when I need it and provides me with a sense of closeness. The necklaces were in immaculate condition, beautifully presented and I cannot praise this company enough.

Please do not be put of by the prices I appreciate they may appear steep but when you understand the process that goes into making this precious items, the extra touches with the packaging and the secure delivery that is used and finally the little bit of peace it brings into your heart I feel it is worth every penny.

Thank you to the most amazing team, you are all greatly appreciated.