We lost my Gram in April suddenly. Since her passing, the family is just not the same. My Gram hosted Christmas Eve, and we knew this year would be quiet an adjustment. I came across Ashes Into Glass on Facebook -I read a few “stories” and instantly had tears in my eyes. I knew this was something I needed to order for my Mom and Aunt. I ordered two Blue Charm Beads in gold, to fit on their Pandora bracelets. I messaged the company and have been in communication with Michael. Every FaceBook message and email he was so kind and helpful! He gave me multiple updates to where my jewelry was in its Travel to England, and back to Canada. He assured me I would have them in time for Christmas -he was right. I received my Charms a few weeks ago. They are beautiful!! Both came in a little jewelry box, wrapped in a gift bag. Gorgeous presentation. Tonight I will be giving the charms to my Mom and Aunt, so they can be with Gram for Christmas. I plan on reordering with Ashes Into Glass, to get myself a Charm Bead. I am over the top pleased with the service, quality of the bead, and how beautiful they are. I would 100% recommend Ashes Into Glass! Thank you for making my Christmas. xo