So my journey with Ashes to Glass wasn’t an easy one BUT my review is based on the fact they are willing to listen to their customers and change processes in order to be even better!

Though it was a hard conversation James called and apologised. This is why I’ve now changed my review to 5*

I would be an absolute hypocrite if I just added 5* & did not add the fact that you should make sure emotionally ready to do it depending on your circumstances – Because if an error was made with regards to engraving etc it could really upset you & I personally wasn’t ready for that.

There are 1000’s stories on FB to show that the company is clearly good at what they do & the only glass on the market as many use resin.. which is not the same. (I wasn’t aware of this previously)

Though an error was made on my ring the situation has now been rectified. This shouldn’t happen in the future (A small difference in the forms based at the office where I was & the one when sent off) & they are now more aware of dealing with different type of grief, and the customer service that comes with that.

I wish you all the best for the future & hope that this can be a positive not a negative going forward.

Ps… i would definitely add a review page on FB, If you can have 1 in 10000 that’s not 100% then that’s amazing – Not at one point was I disappointed with the stone itself I made that clear from the start. It’s beautiful.