Ashes into Glass have been amazing to work with throughout this process. I live in Australia and the staff have been both very friendly yet extremely professional. Their service has gone above and beyond and the staff have been very accommodating. The comfort the jewelry has brought me has been immense at a time of such sorrow, emptiness and deep sadness. I lost my mum in 2015 and my dad in 2019. I ordered a lovely ring and pendant which I received in time for Christmas 2019 and I am thrilled with them both and the comfort they’ve brought me. I miss my folks every single day and I still want to call my mum up to share my news. I wear my ring every day and when I feel the need to talk to them I just look down at my ring and feel that they are with me, close to me and I love knowing that they are holding my hand. Nothing will ever take away the pain and sorrow of losing your loved ones but the comfort and peace I get from my ring and necklace is simply wonderful. Thank you Ashes Into Glass for bringing a little ray of sunshine back into my life, everyday! With heartfelt gratitude, Jean from Australia