My granddad passed away in June 2018, he was the first grandparent/close relative I have ever lost.

I knew about ashes into Glass since around 2015, I have always said I would purchase something from them when the time comes.

once getting my granddads ashes back, I decided to order the white gold tribute ring with the ruby colour as ruby was my granddads birthstone.

The ordering pack came very quickly and well packaged, I found all the information I needed to order any of the items in the catalogue. I had everything I needed to order with within the delivered pack (Pen, Ordering form, catalogue, ring measuring gauge, spoon for the ashes, saleable bag for the ashes, little velvet bag to keep the ashes safe and covered and to put the saleable bag in and a free postage envelope to send everything back to Ashes into Glass to complete my order)

I sent my order off on the 5th November 2018, I received a letter in the post a couple of days later about how my order had been received and they were going to start processing it, I liked the idea of I could either call to pay then, or when the order was ready (takes approx 5-6 weeks)

I called and sorted the payment upon receiving an email to say my order was ready, the guy on the phone was very helpful and kind.

My order was delivered on the 15th December 2018. I received a medium brown box, inside it was padded with bubble wrap and a matte black gift like bag with the Ashes into Glass sticker across. Inside was tissue paper, a certificate of who’s ashes i’d got, my beautiful ring in a very nice ring box inside a cardboard box. A polishing cloth and the remainder of the ashes that hadn’t been used.

Ashes into Glass have made something absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t be happier with my ring knowing my granddad is with me all the time. The process was quick to sort, very easy too. I’d like to thank everyone from the company and a special thank you to Micheal too, who also took the time to email me to make sure everything was okay and I was happy with my product.

Amazing company, Fantastic service and would definitely recommend to anyone who would like a piece of their loved one with them who is no more.