I don’t normally do review’s but I just had to rate this company.
I lost my adored husband in July, we were always together in life so ordering a long pendant was my way of keeping John close to me now.
Firstly, the ordering process is very easy. The instructions of what to do are very clear and everything you need is included in the pack. I then waited for my order to arrive.

I expected a small package and was amazed at the size of the parcel when it arrived. Only when I opened it did it become clear why the package was bigger than expected.
My pendant was beautifully gift wrapped, the presentation box looked very “high end”. I had asked for a rather long engraving and was delighted to find it was beautifully done and centred on the front rather than circling the mount.

I’m looking forward to wearing my pendant for many years to come, it means I’m keeping my darling man with me, where he should be.
Thank you Ashes into glass.