Thank you Ashes into Glass for the most precious & beautiful tribute ring I could of asked for. The team members that I spoke too at Ashes into Glass were lovely and where happy to help. I lost my Nana Rita Blaylock nearly 2 months ago, she wasn’t just my nana she was my whole package; my mam, dad and nana all in one! And I will always be grateful for all the love and support she gave me through the years we spent together. She taught me so many things and guided me through life. I realise how lucky I was to have her there over the years and share special moments together. She went through so much in her life and fought every step of the way. A fighter until the very end!! But on the 07/08/2018 my world changed forever. Therefore, I decided to get this ring to represent my love for her and the love we shared together. I choose blue as it was her favourite colour, and on the inside I had “God Bless Nana. X” engraved as she would say it to me every night before we went to bed. It brings me some comfort knowing that with my ring my nana can walk with me through life every step of the way and be with me always.💙💙💙 I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has losted or knows someone who has, it may not bring a loved one back but at least you apart of them with you forever. I will truly treasure mine. Thank you again, Kelsey Blaylock. Xxx