I cannot say enough about how wonderful this team is! Last year I lost my sweet dog, Annie. She was my best friend and I was absolutely devastated. I did a lot of research on different companies that did jewelry for ashes, and came across Ashes Into Glass. Their products were beautiful, so I reached out to get the process started to have a necklace made.

I was so blown away by the incredibly service. Every question I had was patiently and kindly answered. I could tell how compassionate this team was, which means so much when dealing with something so sensitive. I was kept updated every step of the way, from the time they received her ashes in New York all the way to after I received the finished product. I always knew what was going on in the process. This year I lost my other dog, Clara, and had a ring made. Again, the level of service and the beauty of the product were incredible. Michael made sure I always updated and that I was happy with everything once I received the ring.

Their jewelry is beautiful, and the team is compassionate, caring, and extremely talented. This is more than just a necklace and ring, and I can never thank them enough for what they gave me.