These 9K gold stud earrings, I purchased from ashes to glass contained the most precious woman in the world my mum.

My mother passed away in September 2019 suddenly and unexpectedly,

I could wax lyrically on how much of a fantastic mother she was, how much she loved everyone, how much she was a key stone in the family and needless to say is sorely missed, ever since the day her number was called.

I would love to say im going to wear these earrings on special occasions, but my mother was a very special lady, im going to wear my stud with pride everyday!

I gave my dad the other earring, which he wasn’t expecting, and it completely blew him away!
Needless to say its still painful for all the family, but this isnt just a earring, its a comfort, its a million memory’s, its a life times worth of time, Its a light in the dark times, its a spring back in our step, its someone very special.

Its no surprise that the level of service ive personally received from ashes to glass has been nothing short of incredible!!

I would like to pass my personal thanks and gratitude to everyone who works at the company,
from the Brew makers all the way up to the Big bosses,

as you genuinely make one of life’s hardest situations, just that little bit more bearable!

My most sincerest thanks