I had a necklace and a ring from my late mother in law. Words cannot describe how beautiful and special it is. I ordered mine through the funeral directors (which I wouldn’t do again and advice anyone not to) because of them my order was delayed in being delivered to ashes to glass. I contacted them directly and spoke to a lovely gentleman named Michael who found my order and explained they hadn’t sent till mid March. I explained that it was my 50th next week and really wanted this for then as I had given the ashes well in time for it to be done.
This man bent over backwards and sorted it for me. He made me feel so at ease and valued. He made sure my order got to me the next day. I received it the next day. Outstanding service.
The final piece of jewellery is beyond words knowing I have my mother in law close to me everyday words will never describe.
Thank you ashes to glass 100% recommend