When I was 8 years old, the only thing I wanted in the world for my birthday was a kitten. I specifically wanted a female, long-haired, white kitten with blue eyes. Well, little did I know, that I would end up bringing home a male, short-haired kitten with brown and black spots and green eyes that would forever have my whole heart. I name him Joseph (‘Joey’ – after my favorite ‘FRIENDS’ character) Wayne (our male-side middle name in the family). Joseph Wayne was my best friend and brought so much light to my life and everyone who was able to meet him. When he turned 14, his bloodwork started to show elevated kidney values. I monitored. I fed him kidney-specific food, gave him IV fluids, gave him medicine, and weighed him every other day. I took him in for a re-test every 6 months, then 3 months, until this past year. He went in for his senior exam in August 2019. He weighed roughly 10.5 pounds. He turned 16 on September 22, 2019. By October 10, 2019 he did not want to eat, he barely moved from his spot on the couch, he lost his balance, he stopped cleaning himself, and was wasting away day by day. Where I once saw a youthful, energetic, happy, purring, loving, playful, has-to-be-by-my-side, handsome young boy, sat a worn-down, unkempt, lost-look-in-the-eyes, old man who was giving up. Through all efforts to prolong his life, his kidneys had failed. On October 23, 2019, I lost my best friend. My first pet. My baby boy. Thanks to the folks at Ashes Into Glass, who made me feel comfortable with the entire process, and made me feel like my pet’s ashes were in good hands, I am now able to keep my baby boy close to my heart when I’m away from the rest of his ashes at home. I wear this necklace just about every day, and it comforts me knowing that my best friend will forever be by my side. The jewelry is well-crafted and really feels like they put 100% effort into making it. They even give you the option to engrave a name or a saying on the back of the pendant, which was just a little extra touch that I loved. Thanks to Ashes Into Glass, I can continue to live every day with my best friend who gave me the best 16 years a girl could ask for!