We had a surprisingly lovely visit. This is my 2nd necklace I’ve seen being made, after we lost my mum 12 years ago we came along and watched my necklace being made, I bought my children who at the time all 4 we’re under 10.

We sadly lost my dad so came back to have my necklace done and again with all 4 children. It’s not a sad visit it’s comforting watching the care taken when each piece is being made.

I know some people may simply not live bear enough to watch their pieces being made and is question I know u woukd have is, how can you be sure it’s your ashes??

After watching the process you can be sure, each piece is well marked thought the whole process.

I love my mum’s necklace and I know I will equally love my dad’s.

Thank you to the whole team there at ashes into glass

Leigh Davies